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 Magnetic Networking

“It’s not what you know, but who you know.”

Despite major changes in the workforce, networking remains a powerful force for securing employment, advancing professionally and navigating organizational politics. While most of us understand the importance of networking, to many, it can feel shallow and transactional. Additionally, some view networking as an extrovert-only skill or a social inheritance over which we have limited control.

In this workshop you will gain:

  • Awareness of your current viewpoints of networking and how these views affect your ability to build professional relationships.
  • Modern networking techniques to bridge the gap between email/social networking communication and face-to-face meetings
  • Seven proven strategies to “get your foot in the door” and make a strong first impression with established professionals

Joining the “In” Crowd: Advanced Networking with LinkedIn 

Are gatekeepers and bureaucratic roadblocks keeping you from reaching business decision makers? LinkedIn can help.  Not just for job seekers, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for sales, networking and business development. 

Learn advanced, free LinkedIn strategies to grow your business such as:

  • How to identify and contact your ideal client or business partner
  • Strategy to bypass gate keepers and create meaningful connections with decision makers
  • Hidden LinkedIn tools such as the alumni utility, LinkedIn groups and the advanced membership search
  • Tips to automate your LinkedIn activity and achieve quota faster

By-passing the Gate Keeper: LinkedIn for Job Seekers

Are you feeling stuck in a vicious cycle of submitting resumes with no results? Is most of your job search happening behind a computer screen? Networking will always be the best way to find a job; however, in today’s job search it is more important than ever to learn how to leverage tools like LinkedIn to accelerate traditional networking.  

This workshop covers advanced, free LinkedIn strategies to improve your job search results such as:

  • How to identify helpful networking contacts and potential target companies
  • Tips to bypass gate keepers and build relationships with decision makers
  • Hidden LinkedIn tools such as the alumni utility and groups
  • Tips to make your profile come up on the first page of Google

Power Up Your LinkedIn Profile

Your success on LinkedIn depends not only on your ability to leverage your network, but also on the strength of your profile.  Having an effective profile can drastically improve your search-ability in both LinkedIn and Google and can generate business and job opportunities; however, creating a strong profile, can be a difficult and time-consuming process.

In this hands-on workshop, you will gain:

  • Search engine optimization best practices
  • Samples of stellar profiles
  • Tips to convert profile views to customers or potential jobs
  • Personal branding development

That’s Not What I Meant: Non-Verbal Communication Strategies

Communication has and always will be an important skill for professionals of all ages; however, when we practice communication, we generally focus solely on content and public speaking. Experts estimate that 94% of the meaning we derive from communication comes from our non-verbal communication yet we rarely study or practice this skill. 

In this workshop, you will gain:

  • Strategies to assess your current non-verbal communication patterns
  • Improve your ability to connect with professional colleagues, friends and family
  • Minimize miscommunications between “what you say” and “how you say it”

Avoid Relationship Pitfalls: Finding the Right Mentor

Professionals that find a good mentor experience higher career satisfaction, career commitment, career mobility, and positive job attitudes (B.R. Ragins, J.L. Cotton, and J.S. Miller, J.S, 2002), however, finding the right mentor can be tricky. While it may be difficult to find a mentor, there are better ways to do so than assigned mentor programs and sheer luck. 

In this hands-on workshop, you will gain:

  • Techniques to identify potential mentors
  • Successful outreach strategies for contacting potential mentors
  • Tips to grow and develop relationships with experienced professionals
  • Tips to develop a team of mentors or “Board of Advisors”


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